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Trustworthy Tactics

Setree Investigations, LLC  work cases with the mindset that each surveillance investigator will end up in court to testify to the facts and findings of their work. Our investigators utilize professional tactics and equipment to covertly monitor, follow and record a subject’s activities and interactions.


Surveillance is essential when a company or individual needs to be discreet when looking into  a few of the following:

*Worker’s Compensation – Our investigators work with insurance companies to help defeat suspicious insurance claims by performing Physical Surveillance in some of the most complicated areas of South Carolina

*Child Custody Services – The hardest type of investigative assignment is the one where children are involved. Our private investigators work day in and day out to help our clients find the evidence necessary to ensure their child is under the right protection.

*Marital Infidelity- When you suspect the worst, surveillance video can provide the answers you are looking for.  Our Investigators are highly trained in undercover work and operate discreetly to prove or disprove your suspicions.

We understand that Domestic Investigations can be an emotional, embarrassing, and strenuous experience. At Setree Investigations LLC, our Private Investigators are discreet, professional, and understanding. 

Our team is here to help you find the evidence you need to help you reach a solution.

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