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Criminal Investigations

Trustworthy Tactics

Setree~Spane Investigators are committed to conducting a prompt, aggressive and thorough investigation. We will review/evaluate police reports, evidence and investigative procedures, interview witnesses, visit the crime scene, secure photographs/video, prepare diagrams, and search for undiscovered evidence and new witnesses. 

 Our trained investigators will work to uncover the truth and provide services in areas such as:

Criminal Case Review: We will take a comprehensive look at the prosecution’s evidence to search for inconsistencies, errors, and omissions.  This is done by reviewing initial case reports and witness statements as well as documents provided by the prosecution through discovery.  

Development of Alternate Theories: We will verify information provided and seek new information and develop leads to support your defense or to attack credibility in the prosecution's case. We will do this through interviews, examination of evidence, field investigations and witness evaluation.

Criminal Case Preparation:We can also assist with case preparation such as case file organization, discovery documentation and preparation for court presentation.

Criminal Experience: Our investigators have comprehensive criminal defense experience  as police officers and as private investigators. We understand the role each plays and will use this to your benefit when assisting in your case.

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