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Often times, the only interaction people have with police isn’t the most positive - lights in your rear view mirror or when you are a victim - and we know NOBODY likes to be stopped - but of the other - law enforcement gives everything - officers, deputies, detectives, are not on the job for the money or glory - but even their heart to protect and serve come limitations.

The limitations may be manpower, budgets, resources, or even experience...or in some cases, theories that simply can’t be explored - that is where The Unfinished Foundation comes in.

We work WITH law enforcement, victims, families, and in many cases, suspects of crimes or incidents. Our mission is to provided an unattached set of eyes, experiences, attained evidence to find closure for all parties involved.

The work of the Unfinished Foundation is provided at no cost to the client, however, as such as a not for profit group that accepts donations of money BUT more importantly, services in order to carry out our mission.

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